Welcome to Blazing Holy Fire Malawi

The Gates of Hell will not prevail (Mat 16:18)


With abundant joy, I welcome you to Blazing Holy Fire Malawi! My name is Simon Ng’ona – the leader of Blazing Holy Fire Malawi branch. I am a Malawian man, I got born again in the year 2010.

Simon Ng’ona: Established by God and Prevailing One

I received salvation through Jesus Christ in 2010 when I had lost my job. Since then I have been a dedicated believer of Jesus Christ but I did not know I was still lacking. I had been praying and was still bound in sin. I had been preaching to others but I was bound and needed deliverance myself. I was bound in such sins as pornography and lust which I thought I had left but behold I found out that they could still manifest in my life every now and then. I was bound in sickness as I had gastritis for fifteen years (since 2002 to 2017).

Here I will confess that I never thought one would be a true believer of Jesus Christ and yet be still slave to sin, bound in sin and strongholds. This is the kind of life I lived, until by God’s grace I received an opportunity to learn such and my eyes were opened to the Truth.

Today, my life has changed! I am a free man, a true follower of Jesus – I have received healing, deliverance, peace and true joy. I would like to glorify and praise The Lord Jesus Christ for the many things HE has done for me since connecting with Pastor Coleman and the Blazing Holy Fire Church. I went into a program called Blazing Holy Fire revival training during the Pentecost period and thereafter a deliverance session for me began. There I learned a lot and received a lot deliverance and healing from the Lord which I am so grateful for and I praise HIM. For more, please read my testimony.

Prepare to Meet the Real Jesus!

Meet the Real Jesus! The King of kings, Lord of lords, the God who loves you deeply and passionately.
"We proclaim to you the One who existed from the beginning, whom we have heard and seen. We saw Him with our own eyes and touched Him with our own hands. He is the Word of life." (1 John 1:1).

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