My Prayer for Africa

Lord have mercy on us Your people. Your people are busy searching for solutions to problems mostly afflictions of the enemy but we miss the point and search in all the wrong places.
Lord people run from prophet to prophet and yet they are still bound for You have not directed us there. Jesus Christ You are the total solution to all our problems but we seek our own solutions leaving You the true Vine and our only help.
Forgive us Lord in Your mercy and let a true revival of the end times sweep the entire continent of Africa with liberation from deception and redeem us Lord from the shackles of ungodliness heightened by wrong knowledge.
People are in church but still bound. People seek You but with wrong motives and are easily misled. Many think they will enter Your Kingdom in heaven but they are not living according to your way and will! Lord have mercy. Oh, how we need repentance and deliverance! Lord help us all!
Remember Africa Lord in the final revival on earth. All we need is a personnal relationship with You Lord before associating with other believers and we are called by a church name. You need us to be called by Your name first before we associate with any organization. Help us Lord, hear my prayer send Your help to us. Africa cries to You. Mighty to save You are Lord. Send Your help and save our souls!

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