Testimony of Simon – Malawi Leader


While I was studying for my academic paper I came across a book which I had downloaded online sometime back. This book was titled ‘THE BLAZING HOLY FIRE’, written by Christine Uwizera (Pastor Christine Coleman). I took interest in the book surely attracted by its title and as I started reading it, I could not stop until I had finished the whole 258 pages of the book which took me two days to finish up.

indexI got amazed and puzzled as to how the book was talking to my life as if I ever knew the author , it was as if she had seen my life experiences and I really got so touched and convicted in my heart that this was the true pure undiluted teaching meant for my life. I was much touched with such things as persecution from unlikely sources and many other things which the author experienced and I had experienced the same and did not expect anyone to understand or even give me the meaning of what I was going through. For instance I was wondering and have been asking The Lord as for how long shall my affliction last? I got my answer when I read this book and realized it was not for me to know time but just keep trusting in HIM.

This made me look for the author and I tried to find out more from her only that the addresses printed in the book had changed. I fought through until I finally linked up with Christine. I found her on facebook and also on the new ministry website http://www.TheBlazingHolyFire.com

She assured me, “God has led you here”, and she stated her assignment from The Lord: that her assignment was to point me to Jesus, bring me closer to Him and take me into the bosom of The Father and praise the Lord, today it has happened! Hallelujah! Amen!


I would like to glorify and praise The Lord Jesus Christ for the many things HE has done for me since the link up with Pastor Coleman and the Blazing Holy Fire Church. I went into a program called Blazing Holy Fire revival training during the Pentecost period and thereafter a deliverance session for me began. There I learned a lot and received a lot deliverance and healing from the Lord which I am so grateful for and I praise HIM.

For instance, ever since this deliverance, I received:


I was set free from the sin of pornography, which had been troubling me for a long time even when I was a believer and even after receiving warning from The Holy Spirit I couldn’t just help it. I did not know how to break free. I was totally bound in this sin until I got set free by The Lord during the Blazing Holy Fire revival and they took me through a one on one deliverance after the revival. Since then, I have no more desires and urges for such evil at all. I Praise The Lord!


I have always struggled with bad dreams, nightmares, since I got born again in 2010. I had terrifying visions of the night, I could dream of snakes of every kind and in multiple shape and forms, not just one or two but many of different kinds almost every day. It got worse when I was able to intercede long enough and then I started seeing the devil on top of the snakes and many demons I could see. The worst part was the snakes,  for they were there almost every time I had a dream.

I remember seeing transparent snakes, dragon like snakes with no end, pythons, and black snakes, all sorts of colors and shapes and fearfulness. I praise The Lord today again for from the onset of my prayers with Blazing Holy Fire Church I was assured God would set me free from that and yes it has happened! I no longer dream of snakes nor such evils. As for the devil or demons showing up in my dream, Jesus has set me free – I am free from this torment as well. Thank YOU Jesus Christ my Saviour, My Redeemer!


simoneishealedI was set free from the gastritis problem which every hospital could not identify let alone cure until one hospital identified it but they could not cure it. I was troubled for fifteen years with this sickness which rendered me isolated from people I should have been ministering to and preaching Jesus Christ to as there was always a horrible monkey breath no matter how often I brushed my mouth. All the medicines I took never cured the problem I had until I was prayed for during the Holy Fire revival organized by the Blazing Holy Fire church and ministries… Ever since then, I was set free. Before I could not take such foods as milk or else I would suffer stomach upset. I was forbidden from taking any drinks such as sodas, coffee, tea etc. and some medicines were forbidden e.g. aspirin. But today I eat anything and drink milk and coffee without any problem or unpleasant reactions. Glory to Jesus, King of kings by whose stripes I am healed.

Receiving healing from this tormenting problem was my great relief in many years. I praise the Lord for this also. My healing is complete and sealed in the blood of Jesus by whose stripes I was healed (Isaiah 53:5) and I have proof of my healing from the doctor!


I have been going through so much challenges and nothing seemed to work since the demise of my father and mother in 1997 and 2002 respectively. It got worse in 2010 when I had lost my job with all the responsibly of an African family on me. I have been living a depressed life though I was a believer; more than often times, I was very very low! With everything I tried, nothing seemed to work or I was in despair and almost about to lose hope, I kept on going until such a time as this I met The Lord through Blazing Holy Fire, these brothers and sisters helped me to repent and to receive freedom from The Lord. Though challenges are still there I testify of peace of mind and self-control heightened to another level. Prince of peace Lord Jesus Christ, I exalt YOU Lord for YOUR peace in me. Thank YOU Lord.


Since the deliverance sessions, I have all the hope for success as I see things which were stagnant have started to function again. I bless God for this. Even friends who we lost touch can now recall and reconnect with me from all over the world including those I went to primary school together with and those we grew up together with and the story is always, “I have met Jesus Christ have you?” So pleasing as before it seemed no one really cared  to ask where I  am or how I am, but all of a sudden things have changed almost everyone is coming back to reconnect. I praise The Lord for this also


Something has changed as well since this encounter with The Lord through Blazing Holy Fire Church. As I said before, I used to preach though I was bound myself! Now the preaching has taken another new level just as I read in the book of Pastor Coleman. Before I connected with the church, I had the need to preach with power of the Lord, I can see that now whenever I go out to share the word of God or lead prayers, there is always a flow of The Holy Spirit, I don’t have to struggle to convince people HE does it alone. This is something I have cherished since I was young to be able to walk in the presence of The Lord under the anointing of The Holy Spirit and in His presence alone, never alone. I thank God I have received that just as I requested of HIM. Glory to God!


To that effect I am grateful for the Lord who has entrusted me with work to do in HIS Kingdom in the end time revival and I am so grateful for making me part of the end time revival army. Right now, after going through the training by Jesus through the Blazing Holy Fire, I am leading Blazing Holy Fire Malawi. It is a powerful ministry and it is going to change this whole nation and many lives all over the world will be transformed. I am committed, determined – God said, He will use me – my heavenly name is “Established by God and Prevailing one”, Hallelujah! The gates of hell will not prevail! Glory to God Almighty in The Lord Jesus Christ for what HE has already done, that which HE is doing and that HE shall do. There is no one like YOU JESUS CHRIST MY LORD. Thank YOU!!!


The Lord has set me free, HE has made a way for me. I am a Malawian staying in Malawi Africa, but in His love HE located me here and through such a simple medium as a phone call and electronic mail I have been able to link up with brothers and sisters from U.S.A and through their intercessions and help on the phone meetings, I have received training, and the guidance on how to walk with The Lord and receive His freedom. He has given me freedom. Praise God Hallelujah!

My deliverance sessions were programed for a set period of time and were following a schedule agreed upon by me and my brother assigned to help me in prayer, my beloved brother Stephen Opoku, whom The Lord used greatly. Every time we talked, the Lord moved powfreeerfully and visited me despite being prayed for by someone thousands of miles away! The Lord was always present, in every deliverance session; the manifestations of  HIS power could be evidenced by the signs of deliverance such as continuous belching and coughing and demons coming out of me through many other ways.

Our means of communications were through the phone, whatsapp, Facebook and email. Even through these types of means, I have received my freedom fully from The Lord and I am set free. YOU are unlimited God, Lord thank YOU!!! I am delivered and free.


My life has changed for the better since this encounter with The Lord. I am confident in my walk with The Lord. I look and feel healthier in spirit and body. I am delivered from all sorts of bondage which existed outside my knowledge. I was ignorant of how the enemy attacks Christians and keeps them busy thinking they are going to heaven when they are actually bound and living in sin, on their way to hell! I was a victim of hypocrisy as going to church was just enough to make me feel confident of heaven when in fact I needed to repent and be set free. I am grateful to The Lord for showing me the light and I pray for any other such people bound as I was to be set free before the trumpet sounds.


If you were to meet me today, you would see a healthy and happy man, delivered and transformed by the power of God – Yes, I have been set free from all sorts of bondage such as depression, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, procrastination, spirit of python, lust, evil thoughts and much more… Today, the Lord has made me brand new and I will praise Him forever! ”

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come” 2 Cor 5:17


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