About Blazing Holy Fire Church

We are a Jesus ministry – a ministry where God’s will is our delight! We live unto Him that loved us and gave up His life for us. We are a church family that has been transformed by the power of God and we are all over the world. Our ministry is led and directed by the Lord. Whatever He says do, we do – wherever He takes us, we go. We have been mostly blessed by the Lord! We love JESUS so much. To live is Him. Through this journey of yielding to the Lord, we have met the Lord face to face and He has transformed our lives more than we could ever imagine!

We are a ministry where miracles, signs and wonders are the normal. Deliverance and great things happen wherever we go. The Lord has commanded us to walk in Love, Unity and Humility. We live this out. As a pastor, I cannot thank God enough for such a united body, a strong united powerful leadership team! We have met our Lord and He is too wonderful for comprehension, too awesome for description – such a Loving Loving Father. I believe that if the world were to see who Jesus is for real and if we as Christian can strive to portray Him and present Him as He really is, get out of His way so that He can be seen as He really is – many many people will be saved! And if we would even allow Him to live in us and having His Character in us, the majority of humanity will fall on their knees and follow Him!

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Thank you! God’s Rich Blessings and Abundant Life!